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  • This hydraulic bending machine has seven machine models: 40t, 63t, 80t, 100t, 125t, 160t, 200t, which adopt the popular structure internationally and the complete machine has a good rigidity, beautiful appearance, advanced technology as well as reliable functions, being one of the ideal plate forming devices. The mesh bending machine has high production efficiency and a durable service, which is extensively employed in various industries, such as aircraft, motorcar, shipbuilding, electrical appliance machinery and light industry.
  • The mesh bending machine body is composed of right and left wallboards, working table, oil cylinder, slider and oil tank. The oil tank is placed in the center surface of the wallboards with a reasonable pressing force and enough strength and rigidity, and transportation, installation and commissioning are all convenient and easy. In addition, the bending machine employs mechanical synchronous system and could bear a certain torque. The hydraulic bending machine is easily operated and has the functions of inching, single and continuous travelling, and the pressure maintaining time could be adjusted. The various norms and safety performance of the complete machine all conform to the national standards. The bending machine has upper mould adjusting mechanism, which could help get high bending precision. And it could be also used for pipe bending and piercing if it is equipped with the corresponding devices in the production process.
    When bending plates with different thickness, this bending machine should elect V-shape groove lower mould with different openings (if equipped with upper and lower mould with different shapes, then workpieces with various shapes could be bent), at the same time the bending force values could be calculated with the plate bending force figure, and adjust the corresponding working oil pressure according to the value (indicated by the pressure gauge), then the required bending force could be promised.
  • Model Force Width Power Overrall size Weight
    ABE-ZW-16T/1300 160KN 1300mm 3.0KW 1680x750x1700mm 1.2T
    ABE-ZW-40T/2000 400KN 2000mm 5.5KW 2840x800x2080mm 2.6T
    ABE-ZW-50T/2500 500KN 2500mm 5.5KW 3340x1000x2100mm 3.6T
    ABE-ZW-80T/2500 800KN 2500mm 7.5KW 3340x1000x2100mm 4.57T
    ABE-ZW-100T/2500 1000KN 2500mm 7.5KW 3340x1000x2100mm 5.5T
    ABE-ZW-80T/3200 800KN 3200mm 7.5KW 4040x1100x2200mm 5.8T
    ABE-ZW-100T/3200 1000KN 3200mm 7.5KW 3800x900x2300mm 6.3T
    ABE-ZW-160T/3200 1600KN 3200mm 15KW 3810x1100x2400mm 7.5T
    ABE-ZW-100T/4000 1000KN 4000mm 7.5KW 4680x1100x2300mm 7.5T
    ABE-ZW-160T/4000 1600KN 4000mm 15KW 4700x1100x2300mm 10.0T
    ABE-ZW-200T/4000 2000KN 4000mm 18.5KW 4700x1100x2600mm 15.0T